Our Saturday classes take place in St. Mary's Comprehensive School, Benton Park Road, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE7 7PE, please check our Calendar for dates.

Who are we?

We are integrated, cooperative team, and we are aware how important it is to keep our Polish roots while we live here. We are enthusiastic teachers who want to share our knowledge about Poland, about our language, literature, history and geography with Polish children. We believe they can not get all this knowledge from English school, we are here to show them Poland as it’s seen by their peers who live there.


Why are we here?

Over last few years large number of Poles came over to live and work in the UK – many of them brought their families as well. We want to make sure that Polish children have a chance to learn how to read and write in Polish, to know their home country history and geography. They can communicate in Polish but is it enough for them? What if parents – or children by themselves, when they grow up - decide to go back to Poland? They wouldn’t be able to read or write or even communicate effectively, they wouldn’t know basics about their own country. We want to make sure this won’t happen. They will get all this knowledge in Polish Saturday School.  


Why do children need Polish?

We use between few hundreds and few thousands words every day and Polish language contains few hundreds thousands of them! There are words we don’t use so often as they don’t refer to our everyday life, there are words we don’t use at all. Polish children who live in UK won’t have a chance to explore their mother tongue, Polish history or geography. During Polish Saturday School sessions they will have opportunity to deepen their knowledge of Poland, its culture and Polish language.  


Why is Polish Saturday School important?

We are aware that school plays important part in every child’s life. It shows him the world, it teaches various important things and also – it shows him how to be a part of society. Children start first and lasting friendships which are very important in everyone’s life. Polish Saturday School is going to be a place where children can meet new friends, but also – where they can find helpful hand, get advice, ask for help in solving issues. It is great children will have someone they can trust - who speaks the same language and comes from the same community.  


What do we offer?

  • GCSE and A-level exams preparation (Polish as a foreign language, accepted by British education system).

  • Reliable advice regarding Polish and British education systems.

  • Polish language, literature, culture, history and geography multi-dimensional teaching.

  • Wide range of educational after-school events.

  • Full responsibility for children left in our care.  


It is crucial for Polish children to learn about their fathers’ land. 


Watch our website for more information coming...